The Dublin Library has set up several displays on the theme of Thanksgiving and on the theme of immigration and the foundation of this country.

We invite you to peruse and borrow books from the “All Hail America!  The Ultimate Immigrant Experience” display in the children’s area, and from the “Play Your Feast” display in the public computer area of the library.  You are also invited to write down one of the reasons you are giving thanks this year on a paper leaf, and it will be placed on one of our Thanks + Giving trees.

Americans have a reputation for liking statistics.  The U.S. Census Bureau has a site with enough statistics to satisfy your hunger for anything you might want to know about the number of turkeys raised this year in the country, how many million pounds of cranberries will be raised, how many bushels of wheat, etc.  Did you know that there are three cities in the U.S. with the name Turkey, not to mention nine townships?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has compiled its own numbers, such as the average price per pound of whole, frozen turkeys for the years 2004 – 2007, and the average hours spent per day on selected activities by Americans during the Thanksgiving weekend:

We hope you all have a very pleasant Thanksgiving holiday with friends and loved ones!