Calling all teens! Did you know that there are weekly book-related contests at the Dublin Library this summer? Stop by the teen area each week (Monday afternoon through the following Monday morning) and fill out an entry form with your answers to the week’s contest. Last week we had book title anagrams up on the board, and this week (June 19th – June 26th in the morning) we have a character matching game. Match the character names to the book cover to which the characters’ belong. We’ll pick on lucky entry from those that guess all the characters correctly.

In addition, we will save all correct entry forms each week to enter into a grand prize drawing. The grand prize winner will be announced the first week of August. These contests are open for teens ages 13-18. These programs are sponsored with the generous support of the Dublin Friends of the Library.

Have a teen ages 13-18 that’s looking for something to do this summer? The library has some fun art programs lined up, just for teens! 


We also have a Teen Read In scheduled, which is part of a larger program, #48HBC (48 Hour Book Challenge). The challenge is for teens to read, or talk about books on social media, or in person, for as much time as they can within a 48-hour time period. We are asking teens to complete this challenge between Friday, June 9th (8 pm) – Sunday, June 11th (8 pm). Keep track of your time spent reading or talking about books during the assigned weekend, and submit your totals by Monday, June 12th at noon to Mary at: There will be prizes, and the overall winner will be announced here on Monday, June 12th.

I want to share some creative endeavors by local teens this summer.   Their photos portray the theme of the Teen Summer Reading Program , “You Are Here”.  Enjoy!  They are also on display in the Teen Area for the month of August. Check them out.

Jonathan Lim, Grade 11, Dougherty Valley High School


   Gone Fishing

 In June 2010, my family and I traveled to Vietnam to go to a place where people seldom go.  Halong Bay lies on the coast of Northern Vietnam right below China.  Halong Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its beauty.  Halong Bay contains nearly 2000 granite rock islands formed by erosion spread over 1550 square kilometers. The photo was taken with a digital camera while on a fishing boat sailing through the bay and I waited for the perfect moment to take the shot.

Rachael Heiman, Grade 9, Foothill High School

The Tea Garden

This picture was taken in San Francisco at the Japanese Tea Garden.  It shows me in front of a Buddha statue in the garden.  The effects in the picture are inspired by a style used by Andy Warhol.  It is mostly showing teens as part of a diverse culture.



Vivian Sung, Grade 10, Dublin High School

In My Heart

“You are here – in my heart.”  Though no one remembers who said this, everyone knows its meaning in depth.  A heart of paper wishing stars represents the wishes come true in eternal love; even if at present, wishes are still made to bring back the lost love.  Love is our travel and journey of a lifetime. “Nemo nisi mors” – No one but Death shall part us.




Ayesha Omerali, Grade 11, Foothill High School

 Night Lights of Marrakech   

While roaming the markets of Marrakech, I couldn’t help but stop and admire the beautiful lights from the lantern shop. I had to take a picture of the scenery in an attempt to capture what my eyes saw.  So whenever I look at this photograph, I can feel myself back in Marrakech.






Dhyani Parekh, Grade 9, Foothill High School


 Nature’s Gift

This photograph is of Big Sur, CA.  It is one of my personal favorite places to visit and many people have never even heard of it.  I wanted to share my interests with everyone and let them see nature’s gift.

Teen Summer Reading Program Goodie Jar


          DRUM ROLL … TA DAH!!!!  And the winner is … REEDHI DASANI  with her guess of 83. Our Teen Summer Reading Program Sign-up incentive actually contained 82 items, an eclectic melange of edible goodies along with some practical items and others just for fun.  What was your guess?  Did you come close?

Make Waves Through Art

One of the activities for this summer’s Teen Summer Reading Program, “Make Waves at your Library” was an art contest.  We asked teens ‘‘What does the expression ‘Make Waves’ mean to you?  Does an oceanic theme come to mind, involving sea creatures, ocean scenes, or sea mythology?  Maybe it means taking a stand and rocking the waters by addressing a social issue important to you.  Or perhaps it means a water sport or activity you enjoy.  Depict your idea through art”. 8 teens took up the challenge and submitted their work which is now on display on the bulletin board in the Teen Area.  Judging by 3 area artists and teachers will take place this week.  The art entry to score the most points based on Artistic Merit and Conformance to Theme will be awarded a $50 gift card to Target, graciously donated by the Friends of the Dublin Library.

Make Waves Through Art Contest Entries

Check out the exhibit today and vote for your favorite.  Ballots are available in the Teen Area.