Calling all teens! Did you know that there are weekly book-related contests at the Dublin Library this summer? Stop by the teen area each week (Monday afternoon through the following Monday morning) and fill out an entry form with your answers to the week’s contest. Last week we had book title anagrams up on the board, and this week (June 19th – June 26th in the morning) we have a character matching game. Match the character names to the book cover to which the characters’ belong. We’ll pick on lucky entry from those that guess all the characters correctly.

In addition, we will save all correct entry forms each week to enter into a grand prize drawing. The grand prize winner will be announced the first week of August. These contests are open for teens ages 13-18. These programs are sponsored with the generous support of the Dublin Friends of the Library.

Have a teen ages 13-18 that’s looking for something to do this summer? The library has some fun art programs lined up, just for teens! 


We also have a Teen Read In scheduled, which is part of a larger program, #48HBC (48 Hour Book Challenge). The challenge is for teens to read, or talk about books on social media, or in person, for as much time as they can within a 48-hour time period. We are asking teens to complete this challenge between Friday, June 9th (8 pm) – Sunday, June 11th (8 pm). Keep track of your time spent reading or talking about books during the assigned weekend, and submit your totals by Monday, June 12th at noon to Mary at: There will be prizes, and the overall winner will be announced here on Monday, June 12th.

This week for Teen Book Talk, our teen reviewer shares her views on a teen novel, Mosquitoland, by David Arnold.

Teen reviewers select which titles and movies they’d like to review, and opinions are their own. **Teens use a scale of 1-5 stars, with one star being poor and five stars being excellent, for their reviews**

Esha C., Teen Reviewer

mosquitolandBook Title: Mosquito Land

Author: David Arnold

Format: Book

Year Of Publication: 2015

Who Will This Book Appeal To: Readers who enjoy books by John Green, Rainbow Rowell, and Jandy Nelson.

Rating: 4/5 stars

In David Arnold’s Mosquito Land, main character, Mim Malone, decides to drop everything, leave home, and go find her mother. She hops on a bus with some cash, and an address, hoping to finally find some closure about her mother’s disappearance and the lack of communication that they’d had for months. Throughout her journey, Mim encounters various interesting people, and develops fleeting friendships as she finds her way closer and closer to finally seeing her mother again. By the end of the novel, Mim has reached new levels of acceptance and has learned to open up her heart in ways she didn’t think were possible before. 


I really enjoyed this book. The plot took a lot of interesting turns, so I never got bored while I was reading it. This book is similar (the writing style) to books by John Green, Jandy Nelson, and Rainbow Rowell, so I think that readers who enjoy the Young Adult and Realistic Fiction type novels will really enjoy this book. (There is no material in the book that would make anyone want to stop reading or uncomfortable.)


The Teen Librarian popping in with a special post about all of the new teen books being published this fall and winter! I have a long list on Goodreads, but I thought I’d share the 10 books that I am eagerly awaiting! Listed in no particular order, and linked to Goodreads, or the Alameda County Library website, if we have the book on

  1. Crooked Kingdom – Leah Bardugo. Sequel to Six of Crows and very highly anticipated!
  2. And I Darken – Kiersten White. This is technically a cheat since it has already been published, but I have a copy on my desk and I can’t wait to start reading!
  3. Empire of Storms – Sarah Maas. Book 5 in the Throne of Glass series. Readers who are invested in the series will be eagerly awaiting this installment.
  4. Ghostly Echoes – William Ritter. The third in the Jackaby novels; paranormal detective Jackaby and his assistant, Abigail Rook investigate a cold case involving a ghost.
  5. Iron Cast – Destiny Soria. Con artists. Illusionists. Gangsters. Set in 1920’s Boston. Sounds fabulous.
  6. Like a River Glorious – Rae Carson. Book two in The Gold Seer Trilogy. Book 1, Walk on Earth a Stranger, starts off this intended trilogy, set during the historic California Gold Rush.
  7. The Midnight Star – Marie Lu. Final installment in the Young Elites Trilogy.
  8. Scythe – Neal Shusterman. In a world where disease no longer exists, how do people die? That’s where the reapers come in.
  9. When the Moon Was Ours – Anna-Marie McLemore. “McLemore mesmerizes once against with a lush narrative set at the thresholds of identity, family, and devotion” – Kirkus Reviews.
  10. Bright Smoke, Cold Fire – Rosamund Hodge. Loved her two previous works, Cruel Beauty and Crimson Bound. This title is book one of a duology, and is a take on Romeo and Juliet.

What books are you looking forward to this fall? We’d love to see some suggestions for our to-be-read piles!

clockwork.princessTeen Book Chat, the book discussion group for high school students (grades 9-12), returns this fall! Books are now available for pickup at the Dublin Library’s Information Desk. The first meeting will be held on Saturday, September 3rd from 1-2 pm.

Teen Book Chat is a little different than traditional book discussion groups, in that each teen picks a different title to read for the month. Each teen prepares a short book talk about the title they’ve read for the month, and then shares their book talk at the monthly meeting. Teens are not allowed to share spoilers or the ending of the book they’ve chosen, so that other group members have a chance to enjoy the story for themselves.




This week for Teen Book Talk, our reviewer talks about book two in the Lunar Chronicles series. Each book in the series is a retelling of a well-known fairytale.

Teen reviewers select which titles and movies they’d like to review, and opinions are their own. **Teens use a scale of 1-5 stars, with one star being poor and five stars being excellent, for their reviews**

Anvitha K., Grade 9, Teen Reviewer

scarletTitle: Scarlet

Author: Marissa Meyer

Format: Book

Year of Publication: 2013

Who will the book appeal to?: ages 12 and up, readers of Cinder

Rating: 5/5

Scarlet, the second book in the The Lunar Chronicles series following Cinder, continues a little after where the previous book left off, and revolves around Scarlet, a girl whose beloved grandmother has gone missing at the beginning of the book. There are still chapters where readers will see glimpses of Cinder too, along with another newly introduced character, both of whom are trying to break out of New Beijing Prison.

The book is centered around the plot of Little Red Riding Hood, just as Cinder followed Cinderella. Although it is a retelling, Meyer does a fantastic job making the plot her own, and regales readers with the story of Scarlet, who travels to Paris along with Wolf, a street fighter who claims to know her grandmother’s possible whereabouts, though he seems to be hiding more than what he tells her. Meanwhile, Cinder is desperately trying to find a way to stop Queen Levana, the power-hungry queen of Luna, who wants to marry Prince Kaito of the Eastern Commonwealth so she can begin her conquering of the Earth.

With the fast pace of the first book, Scarlet will not let readers be bored for even a minute, and is definitely a must-read. The characters in Meyer’s book are extremely well-developed and relatable, being more human than hero-like, with their faults, strengths, and the mistakes they make. I personally loved how Marissa Meyer connected her book to the original fairytale with short excerpts from the original at the beginning of each part.

I absolutely loved Scarlet, and would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves action, adventure, and science-fiction. There is no content that would make someone uncomfortable or unwilling to read the book. The Lunar Chronicles series is in itself, a very worthwhile read, and if there is only one series that you read this season, then let it be this one.