This week, for Teen Book Talk, we’re sharing a review of a local event, The Mount Diablo Rose Society’s annual Rose Show, which took place at the Dublin Library on April 22, 2017.

Teen reviewers select which titles and movies they’d like to review, (or write a review of a local event that they attended) and opinions are their own. **Teens use a scale of 1-5 stars, with one star being poor and five stars being excellent, for their reviews**

Siri P., Teen Reviewer (photos taken and owned by Siri P.)

The Memorable Rose Show

The rose show at the Dublin Library on April 22nd featured the winning contestants and their award-winning roses. There were many different colors of flowers including golden honey, multi-colored, tie-dye, deep purple, bright yellow – you name it. The roses came in all shapes starting with tiny little bundle of petals while some were even bigger than my fist. The number of petals ranged from five to thirty or more. These pictures that I took are only few of the many roses displayed at the show. The flowers filled the place with pleasant aroma and if you closed your eyes, you could feel as if you were in a colossal garden. The contestants arranged the flowers in a creative and stunning manner, leaving the viewers delighted. It takes a lot of dedication and love to grow the roses. You are never too young or old to share the love for nature and what it brings to our lives. Mount Diablo Rose Society hosted an enchanting presentation of roses.