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Jiwon H., Teen Reviewer

Book Title: The Alchemist

Author: Paulo Coelho

Book Format: Book

Year of Publication: 1988

Who will book appeal to?: Adults

Rating: 5 stars

Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist is one of the very famous books throughout the world as it has been translated into at least sixty-nine languages getting into many different readers’ hands. The book begins with a man named Santiago who believes that the recurring dream he has is prophetic. He decides to travel to meet a Romani fortune-teller to figure out what this dream is trying to tell him. Throughout his journey, Santiago meets different people and learns about various values in one’s life. Following what his dream has shown him, his ultimate goal in the journey is to find the treasure at the pyramids, which is based on the interpretation of his dream by a gypsy woman. In the desert, Santiago meets an alchemist who teaches him about alchemy, helps him cross the desert to reach the pyramids, and talks about his wisdom about the Soul of the World.

The story tells the readers many values in our lives, such as wealth, fame, security, and health. Santiago sees how individuals prioritizing the values in different ways. Then, he looks at himself and finds what is most important in his life by the end of his journey. Paulo Coelho introduces philosophical concepts and the manner each reader perceives these varies.  In order to truly understand the message of this book and learn from it, the readers should be able to connect their own conceptions of different values in life to those of Santiago in the book. Thus, I would like to recommend this book to adults who are interested in reading inspirational books. I rated this book with five stars, because I believe that the lessons or the main message of the story is very meaningful regardless of whether or not each reader could fully understand it or get inspired by it after reading.