Are you tired of the same old relationships? Need something new and exciting?

How about a blind date with a book?

February 1st – 14th, stop by the library and pick out a specially wrapped book from our display.

Take the book home. Unwrap. Read. Enjoy! Show it your favorite places to read. Introduce it to your friends. If you don’t like the book, simply return it to the library, its feelings won’t be hurt.

You won’t be able to tell what book you’ve picked until you check it out, but we’ve provided some profile information to help you find a good match. Here are three eligible books waiting for the right reader: “Bleak Crime Drama,” “Richly Crafted Melodrama,” and “Bookish Modern Romance.” Is one of these books just what you were looking for?



But wait, there’s more! In addition to potentially finding your next reading love affair, if you fill out and return our Blind Date Book Review form by March 7th, you’ll be entered in a raffle for fun and romantic prizes! Stay tuned, and we’ll share some of our favorite reviews here on this blog.

So take a chance. Stop by the library and grab a book. Who knows? Maybe there’s a bright future for the two of you!

(This program is intended for consenting adults, but teens can participate too.)