Covered California has announced that they are extending the December 15th deadline for coverage starting January 1st, 2017. Consumers can now submit applications up until midnight on Monday, December 19th, 2016, to ensure continuous coverage.

This extension is a response to a surge in interest in the program. Over 25,000 people enrolled during the last two days, bringing the total number of new 2016 enrollees to 153,000.
Generally, start dates for Covered California plans change depending on which half of the month the application is submitted.
  • For example, an application submitted on January 12th will have a start date of February 1st.  Applications submitted in the “first half” of a month (1st – 15th) always begin on the first of the next month.
  • An application submitted on January 23rd, however, will have a start date of March 1st. Applications submitted in the “last half” of a month (15th – end of a month) have start dates that “skip” the next month, and start on the first of the month after that.
Covered California can extend these deadlines, however! People who miss the current December 17th deadline can still apply up until January 31st, with a start date of March 1st.
Axis Community Health’s  enrollment team is ready to help clients meet the new deadline. Call (925) 462-1755 to for free appointments in English or Spanish at any of our medical clinics in Pleasanton or Livermore.