This week for Teen Book Talk, our reviewer shares his take on Rick Riordan’s, The Red Pyramid, book one in the Kane Chronicles Trilogy.

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Rishabh L., Teen Reviewer

redpyramidBook Title: The Red Pyramid

Author: Rick Riordan

Year of Publication: 2011

My Rating: 4.5/5

The Red Pyramid, the first book of the Kane Chronicles Trilogy, is the latest stunning series by author Rick Riordan, who is also known for his Percy Jackson books. Despite incorporating a completely new mythology from his previous works, Riordan still manages to deliver those humorous one-liners and stunning twists which make his books so wildly popular. In this story, twins Carter and Sadie Kane discover their heritage as the most powerful Egyptian magicians born in centuries. They must immediately embark on a globe trotting mission to rescue their father, who has been kidnapped by an evil Egyptian God, with nothing but a rudimentary knowledge of magic, their cat and a host of pursuers.

Riordan’s fantasy novel is fast-paced and filled with excitement. The novel also incorporates parts of Egyptian history (such as hieroglyphs) and how it has impacted every civilization today. However, the story may become confusing at times, and may require a re-read to fully understand the plot. The novel offers insights into many life lessons, such as sacrifice, the idea of home, and the importance of family. In addition, it touches on the issue of race (the Kane siblings’ father is African American and their mother is British) and how it affects the characters. I would rate this book a 4.5/5 overall for its high-paced action and plot, as well as the messages that it delivers.