Our National Parks are 100 years old this year! We are lucky to have so many National Parks and Monuments in our state. Take time to visit them this summer.  All parks are free on the National Park Service’s 100th Birthday Weekend August 25-28.  And they are free all year for families who have fourth grade students – click HERE for details.

Here are some books about the National Parks that you might enjoy.

Jun16 - parks



The Bunyans

By Audrey Wood

Paul Bunyan, his wife, and their children do some ordinary things which result in the formation of Niagara Falls, Bryce Canyon, and other natural monuments.



camping trip
The Camping Trip That Changed America
By Barb Rosenstock

In 1903, Theodore Roosevelt and John Muir camped together in Yosemite. What began was a conversation that would give rise to the national parks we enjoy today.