This week for Teen Book Talk, our reviewer gives us an overview of the movie Lucy. Lucy was released in theaters in 2014, but is now available without holds at your local Alameda County Library branch!

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Chaturya, Teen Reviewer

Lucy_(2014_film)_posterName of Movie: Lucy

Release Date: July 24, 2014

Rating: R

My Rating: 4/5

Genre: Sci-fi/Action

This is one of my favorite sci-fi movies I’ve ever watched. This movie is basically about a young woman who’s dragged into a mess involving drugs because of her boyfriend who was working for a Korean gang. Lucy delivers a briefcase to the drug lord Mr. Jang, which contains a valuable synthetic drug called CPH4. She is then captured and has a bag of this drug sewn into her abdomen, and so do a few other people. This is so that the drug can sent off to Europe and distributed there. While she’s in captivity, she gets kicked really hard by one of the captors and the bag of drugs inside her bursts, causing the drug to flow throughout her blood. Lucy then acquires heightened physical and mental capabilities and the rest of the movie is basically what she does (with the power growing inside her) to stop the Korean gang.

First of all, the setting of this movie was absolutely gorgeous, and Scarlett Johansson did a great job portraying the character Lucy. Of course this movie is science fiction so the scientific parts aren’t 100% accurate. This movie basically revolves around the myth that the average human uses only 10% of their brain, and that this synthetic drug called CPH4 unlocks the other parts of the brain, giving Lucy powers that no one could’ve ever imagined.

Overall, this wasn’t the greatest movie ever, but I did enjoy watching it. The movie does contain some disturbing parts such as murder and dehumanizing a woman so this could make some people uncomfortable. The science part isn’t really true either, but that doesn’t make this movie terrible. It was a pretty good movie which made me really think about the life surrounding us, and its relation to time. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes the sci-fi genre.