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Today is World Oceans Day! This day is internationally celebrated each year on June 8th since the year 2008, when it was officially recognized by the United Nations. Your local zoo or aquarium might be hosting an event around this time, so make sure you check their calendars.

If you’ve never been to a beach or out sailing on the ocean, now would be a great time to go. Millions of people flock to the ocean each summer to take advantage of warmer waters. Just remember to clean up after yourselves before you leave; many things that are safe for humans to use are not safe for marine plants and animals.

Above and below are some of the children’s books we have related to oceans or oceanic life. Click the covers for availability!


The Pout-Pout Fish
By Deborah Diesen

The poor pout-pout fish wants to be cheerful, but instead he spreads the dreary-wearies. Can he change?


curious george
Curious George Discovers the Ocean
By Bethany V. Freitas

Come along as George explores life under the sea and learns all about the coral reef and the plants and creatures living near the ocean floor.


Ocean Commotion: Life on the Reef
By Janeen Mason

Follow a hermit crab as she encounters other creatures that live in the reef.



big green
The Big Green Book of the Big Blue Sea
By Helaine Becker

Ever wonder how oysters make pearls? This book is filled with activities that will help you solve some mysteries
of the ocean.