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Last month we read and thoroughly enjoyed Miss Peggy’s and Miss Rebecca’s favorite children’s books. Now we’re going to feature a similar list from the children’s library assistant, Miss Katie!

It’d be awkward if I wrote this in the third person perspective, so let me introduce myself by saying that I work with the children’s librarians to make our programs and collections great. If you’ve ever participated in our S.M.A.R.T. program, you’ve probably seen me take your tickets before entering the room. Of course, I also bring you these blog posts that feature different parts of our children’s collection. I hope you’re enjoying them!

After careful deliberation, I’ve chosen my favorite children’s books. Some of them have been published more recently or are ongoing series, and some are older because they’ll never stop being awesome books. Just like Miss Peggy’s and Miss Rebecca’s entries, I’ve picked my top three in five different categories: picture book, Early Reader, Moving Up, fiction, and non-fiction. Click the images above and below for availability!


I Don’t Like Koala
By Sean Ferrell

Adam really doesn’t like his stuffed koala and tries his best to get rid of it. Will he ever learn to love Koala?


mouse tales

Mouse Tales

By Arnold Lobel

A series of (very) short stories that a father mouse tells his children before they sleep. My favorite story is “The Journey.”



The Giving Tree

By Shel Silverstein

A touching story about a tree’s unconditional love for a child that never changes, even when that boy becomes an old man.



The Giver

By Lois Lowry

Jonas is shocked to learn that he’s going to be the next Receiver…but what does that mean? This has been my favorite book for many years.


cell phones

You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without Cell Phones!

By Jim Pipe

Do you remember when cell phones weren’t a thing yet? I sure do.