You deserve a beautiful place to live.  Find out who in the SF Bay Area is supporting litter-free communities in Alameda County at http://luvthebay.org/.  Participants in this mural have posted either a photo of the San Francisco Bay, its marine life, a favorite view or a self-portrait holding a sign saying “I pledge to stop litter & always use trash and recycling cans.”  They have taken a stand against litter in our streets and waterways.

This mural will be on display at Dublin Library for several weeks, starting today, May 3rd, 2016, near the public access computer terminals.

Litter is a big problem in the San Francisco Bay Area.  It’s ugly, and wind blows litter from our neighborhoods into creeks, wetlands and the Bay, where it harms wildlife.  Join your neighbors and always use a garbage can, pick up litter and let your friends know how important it is to keep litter off the streets.

To receive updates on other locations where this mural will be shown, sign up via email at http://cleanwaterprogram.org/residents/protecting-our-water.html , or follow Luv The Bay on Twitter or Facebook.