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Something big happened on April 22, 1970. So big, in fact, that we are still feeling the effects of it 46 years later. And that’s a very good thing!

If you check April 22 on your calendar, you’ll see that we’re celebrating Earth Day. Observance of this day started in 1970, and in the same year Congress created the Environmental Protection Agency and passed the Clean Air Act of 1970.  Earth Day is when we thank our planet for everything it gives us – air, water, food, wood, metals, and other natural ingredients that help us live the way we do now.

It’s also a day when we educate ourselves on how to protect the Earth from pollution. There are many ways to keep our planet clean and healthy, such as:

  • Taking a walk, riding a bicycle, or riding public transportation instead of driving
  • Cleaning up litter around your neighborhood
  • Participating in a local Earth Day activity
  • Recycling bottles, cans, and papers
  • Taking a break from your electronics

Following up on that last point…why not read a book instead? We have plenty of books about the Earth, Earth Day, and protecting it from pollution. As always, click the images above and below for availability.


By Torben Kuhlmann

Moles suddenly recognize the precarious balance between progress and preservation. But is it too late?



Earth Day, Birthday!
By Maureen Wright

When Monkey proclaims that it is his birthday, all the other jungle animals protest, claiming instead that it is Earth Day.


trash talk
Trash Talk!
By Michelle Mulder

Is trash ever just trash? Learn how people around the world are repurposing garbage for the greater good.



12 Mammals Back from the Brink

By Nancy Furstinger

Animals are very important for our ecosystems. Learn about some of the mammals we’ve saved from the threat of extinction.