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Have you met Miss Peggy or Miss Rebecca? If not, then you should because they’re our children’s librarians! As children’s librarians, they do all sorts of things like present storytimes, host craft sessions, run grade level book clubs, and line up special guest performers. You can find them on the children’s side of the information desk, where they will help you find anything you need for school or free time.

A big part of a librarian’s job is to recommend books to people who are looking for something new to read. This presents an interesting challenge to the children’s team since the term “children” includes anyone under 14 years old. Of course, the reading level of a 14-year-old is very different from that of a 1-year-old, so our book collection is broken up into several smaller sections:

  • Board books and picture books for younger kids;
  • Early Reader and Moving Up for kids in the lower elementary grades;
  • Children’s general fiction and non-fiction for kids in the upper elementary grades;
  • Jr. High fiction for tweens and young teens.

This month we’re going to share Miss Peggy’s and Miss Rebecca’s top three children’s books in five different categories: picture books, Early Readers, Moving Up, fiction, and non-fiction. Up first is Miss Rebecca, who currently leads our S.M.A.R.T. and s.m.a.r.t. BABY programs. She also hosts “Hear All About It” monthly, so if you’re looking for something fun to do with the kids on a Tuesday night feel free to join us for stories and a craft!

Click the images above and below to check availability, and remember to come back to this page for Miss Peggy’s favorites on Wednesday, April 27!



Simon’s New Bed

By Christian Trimmer

(PICTURE BOOK) A humorous picture book about a dog’s new bed being taken over by a cat.



Penny and Her Song

By Kevin Henkes

(EARLY READER) Penny comes home from school eager to share her very own song, but must wait until the time is right to teach it to her parents and the babies.




Rescue on the Oregon Trail

By Kate Messner

(MOVING UP) Golden retriever Ranger finds himself transported back to the year 1850 where he is needed by a family traveling west along the Oregon Trail.




Summer at Forsaken Lake

By Michael D. Beil

(FICTION) Nicholas and his sisters spend the summer at Forsaken Lake, where he and their new friend Charlie investigate an old accident involving their families.




Terrible Typhoid Mary

By Susan Campbell Bartoletti

(NON-FICTION) How did Mary Mallon’s name become synonymous with deadly disease? And who is really responsible for the lasting legacy of Typhoid Mary?