March 2016



With non-establishment candidates running for President in the two large national parties, this election season is generating much attention and passion.

Your Alameda County Library System has information available on registering to vote, finding your polling place, and on election issues available on the Elections Libguide .

Dublin Library has many paper Voter Registration forms available for library users.  The forms are located near the Adult Information Desk.

The Official Voter Information Guide  for the California Official Presidential Primary Election, Tuesday, June 7, 2016 is available online.

Information for new voters is available on the website of California Secretary of State Alex Padilla.    California Online Voter Registration is also available with instructions in English, Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Tagalog, Thai, and Vietnamese.

The status of your current voter registration for Alameda County voters is available online.  This site will enable you to:

  • Check your registration status
  • Lookup your polling place
  • Download your Voter Information Pamphlet
  • Check the status of your vote by mail ballot
  • Change your preferred language
  • Opt out/Opt in to receive your Voter Information Pamphlet by mail
  • Lookup your elected officials

Your voter registration status for other counties in California can be checked online here.

Mar16 - art is ed (1)Mar16 - art is ed (2)

How do you enjoy art? Do you make things with your own hands or do you look at objects from afar? Whether you prefer getting covered in paint and glue or visiting art museums, you’re always in and around art. Maybe this is because art takes so many different forms – paintings, sculptures, sewing, photography, music, movies, and architecture to name a few.

In partnership with the Alameda County Arts Commission and the Alameda County Office of Education, our libraries are participating in two Art IS Education projects from March to April of this year. Dublin Library is hosting two projects in April. Teens and tweens between the ages of 10 and 18 are invited to make “Creative Sidekicks” on April 4 from 2-4pm, and families are invited to “Make a Family Book” on April 7 from 10:30am-12pm.

We have some great books about arts and crafts, and a whole bunch of instructional materials to get your creativity flowing. Click the images above and below to check availability.


crafty chloe

Crafty Chloe

By Kelly DiPucchio

Chloe is very good at sewing and crafts. When her best friend’s birthday approaches, she creates a fabulous gift.




Grandma in Blue with Red Hat

By Scott Menchin

Art class students walk through a museum, where they learn about what makes art special and unique.



i can make that

I Can Make That!

By Mary Wallace

There’s no limit to what you can make with a few household supplies. This book will teach you how to make costumes, puppets, toys, and more!



stuffed animals

How to Make Stuffed Animals

By Sian Keegan

If you’re new to sewing, try your hand at making some simple stuffed animals! Comes with clear instructions and patterns.



Do you need to get more job interviews in your job search?  Come to free One-on-One Job Seeker Counseling Sessions at Dublin Library!

The Tri-Valley One-Stop Career Center, in partnership with Dublin Library, is presenting this individualized job counseling program next Tuesday:


One-on-One Job Counseling, Tuesday, April 14, 1:00 – 3:00 PM.

In the Job Counseling session you will have a 20-minutes with a job search specialist who will read your resume, ask about your interests and education, and give you sound advice on other suitable job career options for you.

You must call Dublin Library at 925-803-7252 or come to the Information Desk in person to sign up for a 20-minute session. 

Dublin Library Entrance


Friends of Dublin Library, Inc. are proud to present their Spring Semi-Annual Used Book Sale at Dublin Library on March 26 – 27, 2016.  

Saturday, March 26 from 9 AM to 11 AM will be a Members-Only Sale.  Membership applications will be available from 8:30 AM on.  Annual membership:  $10 / individual (18 and over.  Family membership:  (children of school age):  $20, and Lifetime membership:  $100.

SATURDAY, March 26 from 11 AM to 4 PM, the book sale will be open to all.  

Prices on Saturday, March 26, will be:

Mass Market Paperbacks:  only 50¢ each

Oversize & Trade Paperbacks:  $1 each

Romance Mass-Market Paperbacks:  50¢ each

Hardbacks:  Most $1 each

Children’s Books:  50¢ each

DVDs & CDs:  $1 / disc or set

Audio Books:  Priced as marked

SUNDAY, March 27:  1 PM – 4 PM is BAG DAY:  $4.00 for a bag of books (bag supplied).  

BAG DAY SPECIAL:  1/2 off on selected audio-visual, vintage, and specially priced items!




Note:  If you don’t find what you want at the Friends of Dublin Library, Inc., book sale, check out the Friends’ online bookstore: .  

exam books (linked, border)

Don’t let the SAT and ACT scare you! We have eBooks available through the library that will help you with studying. Click on the book images to the left to go directly to the eBook check-out page. You can read most of these on your computer if you’re connected to the Internet. You can also access them offline by downloading them onto personal devices such as smartphones and tablets.

If you need help accessing your eBook, just drop by the information desk with your device and we’ll be happy to help you. You can also visit our very friendly, very awesome teen volunteers at our Teen Tech Help sessions held on the fourth Saturday of every month from 2pm-4pm.


If you’d like to try to figure it out yourself, you can go to our help page HERE for device-specific instructions. 


This week for Teen Book Talk our reviewer talks about a summer movie, Jurassic World. The DVD has been released and is available to be put on hold through the library’s catalog.

Teen reviewers select which titles and movies they’d like to review, and opinions are their own. **Teens use a scale of 1-5 stars, with one star being poor and five stars being excellent, for their reviews**

Natlie L., Grade 11, Teen Reviewer

18095805714_64c6c580fd_oMovie: Jurassic World

Release Date: June 12, 2015

Rating: PG-13

My Rating: 3 Stars

Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure

It has been 22 years since the disastrous incident at Jurassic Park, and—in case you’re wondering—no, these people still haven’t learned from their past mistakes. Another theme park featuring genetically-modified prehistoric creatures opens up where its predecessor fell, and this time, the monsters are bigger, badder, and scarier than ever. When the Indominus rex, a gigantic genetically-modified dinosaur with extreme predatory senses and intelligence, outsmarts and overpowers the park’s “top-notch” management, the lives of everyone on the island are jeopardized. It’s up to an unbalanced businesswoman (Claire Dearing), her cynical teenage nephew (Zach Mitchell), his bubbly younger brother (Gray Mitchell), and the dinosaur-whisperer (Owen Grady) to save the day.

I walked into the theater with popcorn in one hand, soda in the other, and high expectations for endless scenes of mass dino-destruction.

I was not disappointed.

As someone who has never seen Jurassic Park, or Jurassic-anything for that matter, I am surprised by the technological expertise that the movie displays. I know it’s already 2015, but I am still amazed by the CG and sound effects. I cannot recall a single point in the movie where I felt that either one of those are off. Whenever the Indominus rex showed up on screen, I got crazy goosebumps up my arms simply due to the combination of the CG team’s hyper-attention to detail, bone-shatteringly good sound effects, and extreme tension built up by background music. The technical aspects of this movie are as close as they can get to flawless in my book.

I’m giving this movie a lot of slack when it comes to character development because I understand that the whole incident took place over the course of one day. It’s difficult to write a character that gives the audience a natural feeling of his or her development when everything happens within 24 hours.

Jurassic World lacks the most in the plot department. Typical adventure-movie clichés are used everywhere and make the plot predictable. Certain characters’ actions made me want to scream and wonder how they could be so unbelievably brainless. It’s almost as if I somehow started watching a horror movie, seeing as these characters also seem to feel obligated to disregard signs like “DANGER” and “NO TRESPASSING”. But how else can the producers get the stars of the show to literally land themselves in the jaws of an indomitable giant lizard? Not to mention, the deaths of certain characters were not as impactful as producers intended for them to be; there was no shock factor, much less any tears. I consider one death in particular to be entirely pointless and a complete screen-time-waster.

This combination of dinosaurs and destruction inevitably calls for a lot of gore and violence, so if that type of stuff isn’t your cup of tea, I recommend that you don’t pick it up, much less consume it. If you’re just looking for an exciting thriller to watch with friends, it’s definitely worth your time and money.



In case you are working on art for the teen contest, you are in luck! We’ve extended the deadline for artwork submissions by one week. Final deadline for all artwork to be turned in is now Tuesday, March 29th (by 7:45 pm). We have a few beautiful pieces of art turned in already, and we’d love to see more!  The community voting will also be pushed back a week, so the winners of the teen art contest will be announced Monday, April 11th.

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