We’ve been getting a ton of them! Here’s just a slice of what we now have in our library:



Just Like Daddy

By Ovi Nedelcu

A little boy wants to be just like Daddy, and is very excited to get through the day. Daddy, however, isn’t quite so enthusiastic.



Danger in Ancient Rome

By Kate Messner

Time travelling search-and-rescue dog  Ranger has been transported back to ancient Rome, where the lives of two boys are in serious danger.



A Blind Guide to Stinkville

By Beth Vrabel

Alice’s perception of herself changes when she and her family move to Sinkville, SC. Suddenly her albinism and blindness become a big deal…




The Berenstain Bears’ Country Cookbook

By Mike Berenstain

Do you like the Berenstain Bears? Do you like cooking? Why not have both? Grab an adult and make some of these tasty dishes!


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