This week for Teen Book Talk, we’re stepping back to a classic tale, Gulliver’s Travels. Teen reviewers select which titles and movies they’d like to review, and opinions are their own.

**Teens use a scale of 1-5 stars, with one star being poor and five stars being excellent, for their reviews**

Yidan Y., teen reviewer

gulliversBook Title: Gulliver’s Travels

Author: Jonathan Swift

Book Format: book

Year of Publication: 1726

Who will book appeal to: All people

Rating: 4 stars

This book is appeal to all the people because it has two levels of meaning. In the book, there are many fantastic and unpredictable imaginations, almost like fairy tales. Kids and teens can read the book as entertainment or for learning English. In fact, this book is a satire on human nature. Swift reveals the evil of human world by writing this traveling story. For those who study human, this book can tell them the human society where Swift lived.  Also, it is a great literature work.

  • Would you recommend this title to someone else?

Yes. I would like to recommend this title to my friends.

  • Is there any content in the book that might make someone uncomfortable or unwilling to read the book?

There is no content in the book that might make someone uncomfortable or unwilling to read the book.

  • Preview: Lemuel Gulliver is a professional sailor, but he always meets with shipwreck or pirates or some other misfortunes in his voyages. He has to deal with all different kinds of extraordinary adventures on some remote and spooky islands.
  • Similar titles that people might enjoy: Robinson CrusoeBoth books are about sailing and shipwreck, and both the narrators are on remote islands and have to figure out a way to get home.

People’s imaginations are unlimited. The book, Gulliver’s Travels thoroughly shows the creativity of the author, Jonathan Swift. By imagining many fantastic and magic places, he conveys his message. He criticizes the society by sarcasm which makes the book unique from other criticisms. Jonathan Swift relished the simplicity of humanity and the defense of human nature. Some of the places that he “travels” are the utopia that he was looking forward. The characters in the book are unique and stand for different statues or levels of people. Jonathan Swift discerns the adversaries and friends in those places. Every experience is revealing what he thought a society should be.

When I read this book, I was amazed by the detail descriptions of those places and characters. For a long time, I had thought the story was true. I am totally impressed by Jonathan Swift’s imaginations. I read this book, when I was young, so I did not understand the deeper meaning of this book, the sarcasm. I was reading it merely as a kid book. It turned out that I liked this book so much, and I even imagined that I would travel those places one day until I learned the sarcasm and the criticism in the story. After I knew the purpose of this book, I dipped into the book. Every travel can be referred to the reality. Those huge or tiny creatures in the book and the floating island are no longer just a place; they are the subjects for Jonathan Swift to express his criticism about the society. Also, they helped me to understand the situation people are facing and the shortcoming of human nature.

To my opinion, this book is perfect for both kids and teenagers. Not only it has the pure imaginations, it also conveys deeper information. It can be very fun if you can read it as entertaining. When you read the book, you can easily form the images in your brain. They can help kids to understand the society critically. I highly recommend this book to kids and teenagers and I hope they will like it.