It seems that every holiday season most Americans gain from 1 to 2 pounds of weight.  It’s easier to not put on weight to begin with, as the body tends to resist losing weight, a holdover from times when an abundance of food was a rarity.  As a result of overeating at holiday parties, losing weight ends up New Year’s resolution for many of us.

When looking for advice on how to maintain or lose weight, I consult the Health and Medical Information LibGuide databases available to all patrons of the Alameda County Library System.  I find MedlinePlus, WebMD and Mayo Clinic particularly useful for sound advice on maintaining and losing weight during the holiday season.  I use the search terms holiday eating to find good articles on weight control and also how to serve ones guests healthy food during this season – and all year round.

Many of these articles deal with how to cut down on sugar, salt and alcohol in the food and drink you offer your guests.  Check them out to get started on a Happy and Healthy New Year!