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Wednesday, May 14, 2014, is the official opening of a special exhibition celebrating 100 years of library service to the Dublin community. A Century of Service: A Visual History of the Dublin Library debuts May 14 at the Heritage Parks & Museum in the Little Classroom Gallery at 6600 Donlon Way. The exhibit is being curated by Maggie Stockel, Museum Professional, and is co-sponsored by the City of Dublin, the Friends of the Dublin Library, and the Dublin Historical Preservation Association.

The first library opened in the historic Green Store in May 21, 1914. The County Librarian wrote “To the public opening, people came from all about in such numbers, one wondered where they came from.”

Over the years library services have been delivered from a bookmobile, a garage, a portable at an elementary school and a leased storefront on Village Parkway. The Library moved to its first permanent facility at Amador Valley Blvd. in 1979, and ultimately to its current location in Dublin Civic Center in 2003. Virginia Bennett, author of Dublin Reflections, was the library’s champion and Manager from 1967 to 1979 as well as Dublin’s first children’s librarian. Mrs. B, as she was known to her staff, collected countless photographs, newspaper articles, quarterly reports, letters and other papers, documenting the Library’s story.

Her collection forms the basis of this innovative and fun exhibit. Do you remember card catalogs? Typewriters? Videocassettes? Take a peek behind the scenes of library service.

The exhibit will remain in the Little Classroom Gallery from May 14 to July 31st. Save the date and attend our celebration event scheduled for Friday evening May 30, 6:30 to 8:30 PM.