The enki Library is a shared open source eBook Network that allows California libraries to own and store eBooks for access by library patrons; to share access to more content than any individual library can purchase on its own; to add features and functionality lacking in current third-party vendor models; and to share access to unique local digitized content with other libraries within the Network.

Enki can be accessed by searching the A-Z Resource List and the ebooks guide. Included in the ebooks guide is a FAQ link for Enki books.

Enki users are limited to:

5 checkouts
5 holds
2-week checkout
iPad users will need to use Bluefire Reader
Kindles format is not available.

Califa, a not-for-profit membership cooperative serving libraries in California, and Contra Costa County Library partnered to co-develop this open source eBook Network, shared by, and accessible to multiple library systems in California.

Funding for enki Library is through a Bay Area Library Information Systems (BALIS) Innovation Grant, Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) monies from the California State Library, the State Library of Kansas, and Califa.