The Worldcrunch database has been added to Alameda County Library’s A to Z guide. It is a beta-test until May 31st.   Please take a look and see what you think.  This database is being brought to you by Recorded Books and you can use the same email/password as you do on Zinio or Indieflix, if you choose.

Worldcrunch has newspapers from around the world translated into English by human translators. It does not translate the whole paper, only the top headlines and information. From Recorded Books.

  • “Worldcrunch delivers the best global journalism previously shut off from English language readers: selecting, translating and editing content from top foreign-language outlets.
  • The most relevant foreign-language stories are produced in English by Worldcrunch staff and contributors around the globe, deployed to react quickly to breaking events and find the best content in the international media. We are also creating a platform, Crunch It!, to build a community of newshounds who will flag and help translate interesting stories from both mainstream media outlets and blogs, as well as produce stories of their own.
  • With Worldcrunch, the great untapped resource of foreign-language news and information is hereby available. By combining professional journalistic standards with the energy of the web’s flock of curious readers, writers and translators — and building a framework for copyright access and distribution — we create a whole new well of top-shelf news content from the best sources covering the world today. And our vision for the future? Worldcrunch will be the virtual square where language barriers fade, and a new brand of global journalism is born.”