Here is a picture of Dublin’s first library.  It was established in 1914, closed in 1948, and was reestablished in 1966 in a portable building on Vomac Road.

Local Historian, Virginia Smith Bennett, states in her book “Dublin Reflections and bits of Valley History” the following:  “The first Dublin Library was on Dublin Blvd in the one story addition to the General Store.  It was in operation from 1914 to 1948.”  Ms. Smith-Bennett continues, “W.S. Lawrence was operating the general store at the intersection of Dublin Blvd and Donlon Way.  This is the same store that John Green had built.  Mr. Lawrence agreed to build a one- story addition to the two- story building for the use of the County Library.  His wife was the first library attendant in Dublin.  That set a kind of pattern so that in the years to come the library attendant was usually related to the owner of the store.  The library section had two big windows that flanked the front door and a big shaded porch that faced Dublin Blvd.  The  day of the opening a newspaper reporter commented with some surprise at the number of people in attendance and wondered from whence they all had come.”

This photograph is part of the California Local History Digital Resources Project (LJDRP) grant received by the Dublin Library to scan and digitize historical photographs and documents.

More than 40 public, academic, and special libraries have participated in the LHDRP.  These historic items are now viewable over the Internet through the research Web portals Calisphere and the Online Archive of California.