Pronunciator, one of our new language learning software databases has recently been updated.  With this update, Pronunciator now has:

– A completely redesigned interface.

– 12 new languages, bringing the total to 72. Welsh, Haitian Creole, and Icelandic are some of the new ones.

– A narrated “postcard” mode for the most casual of users.

– Over 10,000 photographs.

For those who prefer the old version, it’s still available, accessible via the “Old Version” link on every page.

You may find Pronunciator on the A-Z Resource Guide, the Language Guide and the Subject I-Z page.  Choose your native language and the new language you wish to learn.

To start using Pronunciator, go to Pronunciator and REGISTER (email/library card number). Now look in your email, where you will receive an email with a temporary student ID and password. You may change it under your Account once you log in.

Before you start using Pronunciator, it is recommended that you view the Quick Start video

Pronunciator Support is available at: