Do you know that roughly 22% of the energy used by California homes goes to lighting and up to 20% goes to refrigerators and freezers? Did you know that most electronic devices draw electricity even when turned off or in standby mode?

The more you know about your home’s energy use, the better equipped you are to save energy and lower your electricity bills. The Kill-A-Watt Meter helps determine which appliances and electronics are the biggest energy users.

The City of Dublin has kindly given two Kill-A-Watt Meters to Dublin Library for loaning to the public. These devices were given to the City by East Bay Energy Watch, a nonprofit collaboration between PG&E and local governments to reduce energy consumption.

The Kill-A-Watt Meter is an electronic device that you plug into a power outlet, and then connect your appliance to the meter in order to get a reading of how much electricity that particular appliance is consuming. A Kill-A-Watt Meter can be borrowed for a period of 7 days, and comes in a plastic packet with full usage instructions. You could discover that some electronics around your home use a lot of power even when turned off or that some older appliances are so inefficient that they cost you more in electricity than they are worth.