I’ve enjoyed learning foreign languages since the third grade. From personal experience,  I find that having a little knowledge of the language spoken in the country you visit makes travel  more enjoyable.  For example, being able to visit any restaurant I chose in Athens and being able to order without using English and being able to read plaques in Catalan at the Castle of Ibiza made visits to Greece and Spain more interesting.

Your library now has another language-learning database in its collection.  Pronunciator, our new language learning software,  is now live on your library webpage.    You may find Pronunciator on the A-Z Resource Guide, the Language Guide and the Subject I-Z page.  Pronunciator enables you to learn 60 languages.  There are many less commonly studied languages available to choose from:  Afrikaans, Bulgarian, Catalan, Hungarian, Persian (Farsi), Romanian, Tamil, Thai, Ukrainian and Vietnamese to name just a few.   Choose your native language and the new language you wish to learn.

To start using Pronunciator, go to Pronunciator and REGISTER (email/library card number). Now look in your email, where you will receive an email with a temporary student ID and password. You may change it under your Account once you log in.

The lessons are offered in 5 levels:

Level 1:  Core Vocabulary

Level 2:  Essential Verbs

Level 3:  Simple Sentences

Level 4:  Phrases for Tourists and Travelers

Level 5:  Conversation

Before you start using Pronunciator, it is recommended that you view the Quick Start video


Pronunciator Support is available at: