Zinio database currently has over 200 magazines available now with another 100 coming soon!   Zinio can be accessed by clicking on:     http://guides.aclibrary.org/magazines or under Zinio in A-Z Resources .

The Magazine Guide  has a “How-to” (PPT) and an alphabetical list of titles. There are two log-ins, one as a library user and one for Zinio.

The Zinio for Libraries Collection publications are always available for viewing within the library or from anywhere you have access to a computer or Wi-Fi enabled device.

You may also access your magazines through any of the existing Zinio apps available. Enter the username and password that you used when you created your personal Zinio account when prompted to sign in using the app.

If your mobile device does not have a dedicated App, Zinio may still be accessed using your browser feature (online connection required.) Virtually all the magazines may be viewed through a device browser (the only exception would be  a magazine that requires a Zinio Reader and does not allow for online streaming.)

Magazines accessed through the apps may be viewed online or downloaded so they are available for off-line viewing.