We are so happy to announce the arrival of 3 brand new early literacy learning stations funded by grants from the local community. The Lawrence Livermore National Security (LLNS) community gift program contributed $3,500 which was combined with a Target store grant of $5,000 to make it possible to buy not just one, but three new computer learning stations from AWE,  Inc. With a large, bright, color monitor, and touch screen navigation, little hands have been delighting in exploring the over 50 different educational programs specially chosen to foster a love of reading, math and science. This current version boasts 12 new educational programs from the previous version, enhanced graphics and more multimedia. These software titles are carefully chosen to support school readiness, motivate children to learn to read, and cultivate a love of learning. All programs are top-rated by Children’s Technology Review and include Reader Rabbit, Dora’s World Adventure, Space and the Universe, Math Blaster, My Amazing Human Body, Sammy’s Science House and so many more. The programs are suitable for children ages 2 to 8 years old. We thank both the Lawrence Livermore National Lab, LLC and Target for their generous donations which will benefit so many young children in the Dublin community.