Books 24x7IT™ Pro is our new tech ebook service. Books 24×7 will replace Safari Tech as our main technology ebook source. 

It offers the complete, unabridged contents of thousands of books, documents and other reference materials that span the spectrum of technology topics, including:

  • Business & Culture
  • Certification & Compliance
  • Computer Science
  • Databases
  • Desktop & Office Applications
  • Enterprise Computing
  • Graphic Design & Multimedia
  • Hardware 
  • Networks & Protocols
  • Operating Systems
  • Programming Languages
  • Security
  • Software Engineering
  • Telecommunications
  • Internet & Web Development

Books 24x7IT™ Pro also offers books on well-being, including: 

  • Being Green
  • Daily Living
  • Family & Caregiving
  • Health & Wellness
  • Live Healthy
  • Nutrition & Weight Loss
  • Working Smarter 

The ebooks are read on your computer.

You can create notes quickly and easily without leaving the page. To make notes, click on the notes tool and enter text into the popover window that appears on the page. When viewing a content page, you can attach notes to the page at the paragraph level by selecting any of the anchors shown at the beginning of every paragraph or line.

Books24x7 offers the ability to easily cite resources. On each content page, you will notice a citation link near the title information. Simply click and select a citation style to generate the reference, then copy and paste it into your document. Individuals with a RefWorks account can also export a citation by clicking the “Export to RefWorks” link.

As you type into the search box, the Books24x7 search engine anticipates what you’re typing and offers suggestions in real time. You can choose one of the suggestions offered, or simply continue typing your search terms.

 A virtual tour is available for Books 24x7IT™ Pro so you can familiarize yourself with this new service.