TOP 10 REASONS TO Read for the Fun of It 

  1. Unlike gym, you don’t have to shower afterwards.
  2. Reading won’t cause pimples.
  3. It’ll help you forget what they serve in the cafeteria.
  4. Magazines don’t “crash”.
  5. Graphic novels look good with whatever you’re wearing.
  6. It’s cheaper than a new video game.
  7. You can drown out your parent’s cheesy music listening to an audiobook.
  8. You’ll learn words even your teachers don’t know.
  9. 10. It’ll confuse your parents. 

Teen Read Week™ Tip # 107: Just say no to book reports. Drop by your library and find something to read just for the fun of it. Check out graphic novels, audiobooks, magazines, paperbacks and more. Celebrate Teen Read Week™