August 2011

Roméo et Juliette  is an opera on five acts by Charles Gounod to a French libretto by Jules Barbier and Michel Carré, based on The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.   It was first performed at the Théâtre Lyrique, Paris on April 27, 1867. This opera is notable for a series of four duets for the main characters and the waltz song “Je veux vivre” for the soprano.

Dublin Library is pleased to host an “OperaLive!” performance by Livermore Valley Opera, which will be presenting principal singers performing selections from its forthcoming production of Charles Gounod’s Roméo et Juliette

This program will start promptly at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, September 7th, in the Dublin Library Community Room.

I want to share some creative endeavors by local teens this summer.   Their photos portray the theme of the Teen Summer Reading Program , “You Are Here”.  Enjoy!  They are also on display in the Teen Area for the month of August. Check them out.

Jonathan Lim, Grade 11, Dougherty Valley High School


   Gone Fishing

 In June 2010, my family and I traveled to Vietnam to go to a place where people seldom go.  Halong Bay lies on the coast of Northern Vietnam right below China.  Halong Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its beauty.  Halong Bay contains nearly 2000 granite rock islands formed by erosion spread over 1550 square kilometers. The photo was taken with a digital camera while on a fishing boat sailing through the bay and I waited for the perfect moment to take the shot.

Rachael Heiman, Grade 9, Foothill High School

The Tea Garden

This picture was taken in San Francisco at the Japanese Tea Garden.  It shows me in front of a Buddha statue in the garden.  The effects in the picture are inspired by a style used by Andy Warhol.  It is mostly showing teens as part of a diverse culture.



Vivian Sung, Grade 10, Dublin High School

In My Heart

“You are here – in my heart.”  Though no one remembers who said this, everyone knows its meaning in depth.  A heart of paper wishing stars represents the wishes come true in eternal love; even if at present, wishes are still made to bring back the lost love.  Love is our travel and journey of a lifetime. “Nemo nisi mors” – No one but Death shall part us.




Ayesha Omerali, Grade 11, Foothill High School

 Night Lights of Marrakech   

While roaming the markets of Marrakech, I couldn’t help but stop and admire the beautiful lights from the lantern shop. I had to take a picture of the scenery in an attempt to capture what my eyes saw.  So whenever I look at this photograph, I can feel myself back in Marrakech.






Dhyani Parekh, Grade 9, Foothill High School


 Nature’s Gift

This photograph is of Big Sur, CA.  It is one of my personal favorite places to visit and many people have never even heard of it.  I wanted to share my interests with everyone and let them see nature’s gift.

ReferenceUSA, the premier source of  business and residential information for the US and Canada,  covers US and Canadian businesses, and provide key executives, sales, volume, number of employees, parent and subsidiary relationships for over 10 million US and over 1 million Canadian companies.  

ReferenceUSA can be found on your Alameda County Library’s webpage , by moving your mouse over RESEARCH in the blue bar at the top of the page, moving down the drop-down menu, and clicking on “Business” guide as well as on the A-Z Resource List subject of Business.

 ReferenceUSA will be giving free online training sessions through mid-September for the public.   The training sessions available are: 

Topic:  ReferenceUSA Search Essentials

Day/Date: Fridays (through September 28)

Time:  11:00 AM Central (1 hour)

Designed for the patron new to using our database, this hour-long session will cover all the basics of getting started with ReferenceUSA.  Attendees will need an internet connection and a phone line to participate.  The training will cover the Four Essentials anyone, particularly anyone new to ReferenceUSA, would want to know in order to be successful in using the resource.  Lots of time will be reserved at the end of the session for questions.

To register for any of the session dates, follow the link below: 

Topic:  Uncovering the Hidden Job Market: Career Search Strategies using ReferenceUSA

Day/Date: Wednesdays (through September 28)

Time:  2:30 PM Central (1 Hour) 

Attendees will learn how to use ReferenceUSA as part of their Career Searching Strategy.  Included will be information on the importance of having accurate information for applications and resumes, creating engaging cover letters, assembling a network of references and referrers, finding key persons at a business to act as mentors, building datasets of potential employers based on skill set, work history and preferences as well as how to prepare for interviews and interactions through thorough research.  

To register for any of the session dates, follow the link below: 

Topic:  Start, Manage, Grow!  How Businesses can use ReferenceUSA

Day/Date:  Mondays (through September 26)

Time:  1:30 PM Central (1 hour) 

Entrepreneurs and business owners will learn how to use ReferenceUSA to find the mission critical information necessary to start, manage and grow a business.  Topics include: 

  • research prospects and prospective clients
  • locate hard to find vendors, both locally and nationally
  • network with other businesses in your area or in your industry
  • develop relationships with related business for co-branding opportunities
  • understand community demographics
  • survey locations for expansion
  • conduct competitive analysis
  • locate subject manager experts and professional services
  • source new employees
  • find investors, venture capitalists and angels
  • plan delivery routes and service areas

To register for any of the session dates, follow the link below:

Teen Summer Reading Program Goodie Jar


          DRUM ROLL … TA DAH!!!!  And the winner is … REEDHI DASANI  with her guess of 83. Our Teen Summer Reading Program Sign-up incentive actually contained 82 items, an eclectic melange of edible goodies along with some practical items and others just for fun.  What was your guess?  Did you come close?

Dublin Library, along with all other branches of your Alameda County Library System, now offers a new way to get free or reduced-price tickets to museums and cultural institutions in the San Francisco Bay Area.   

The Discover & Go system allows members of the Alameda County Library System to access the following museums and cultural institutions at the present time: 

Aquarium of the Bay

Asian Art Museum

Bay Area Discovery Museum

Bedford Gallery

California Historical Society

Cartoon Art Museum

Charles M. Schultz Museum

Contemporary Jewish Museum


Lindsay Wildlife Museum

Marine Mammal Center (discount only)

Museum of Children’s Art

Museum of Craft and Folk Art

Oakland Museum

Oakland Zoo

Pacific Pinball Museum

San Jose Museum of Art

Tech Museum of Innovation (discount only)

USS Hornet

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

The following conditions apply for use of Discover & Go passes:

  • You must live in Alameda County.
  •  You must be at least 15 years old.
  • You may not use an e-card or institutional card, you must have a physical library card.
  • You may have up to 2 reservations at a time.
  • You may cancel a reservation only if you have not already printed the admission pass.
  • The pass is for use only by the person named and only on the date specified. No photocopies are allowed. Valid ID is required.

Discover & Go passes can be obtained online by going to the Alameda County Library website at and then clicking on the orange Discover & Go icon in the center of the main library webpage. 

Discover & Go can also be accessed at and at

Here are some more book reviews submitted by patrons enjoying the Dublin Library adult summer reading program.

Rabbit-proof fence by Doris Pilkington (Nugi Garimara)

Finding Australian literature was an adventure in itself.  Here is a story of conquest, deceit, and heart wrenching sorrow that compels you to turn the pages.  In short, you have 3beautiful girls, through no fault of their own, do not fit in.  They may be loved by their white fathers.  But by being 1/2 Aboriginal, they are taken away by the government.  Courage  and deep family ties trumps the inept government officials who seek to have these half-caste girls returned to the boarding school from hell.  Read it, feel it, then check out the movie to see the heroines Molly, Daisy, and Gracie triumph!”

Would you recommend this book to somebody? Yes

Submitted by Anonymous




 The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith

 “Great first book in this series.  It gives the background of the main characters.  I read other books in this series but liked this one as well.  be sure to read this one to understand the others in the series.”


Would you recommend this book to somebody? Yes


Submitted by Anonymous



The silent girl : a Rizzoli & Isles novel by Tess Gerritsen

A severed hand is found in an alley in Boston’s Chinatown.  Detective Jane Rizzoli inspects the adjacent building deserted for 19 years due to the horrific murder/suicide of 5 people in the Red Phoenix restaurant.  Inside, he finds a female body on the roof, minus the hand, with a nearly decapitated head!  The continuing investigation widens to many more murders, a worldly appearances of the Chinese Monkey King, and a surprise ending.  An excellent story.”

Would you recommend this book to somebody? Yes

Submitted by Eileen



Thanks again for all our patrons who submitted all these wonderful reviews!

Though we don’t like to think about it, we all have to eventually plan on how and to whom we want to bequeath our worldly possessions. 

Estate planning specialists Amir Atashi Rang and Amir Sarreshtehdary will present a free program on Saturday, August 13th in the Dublin Library Program Room.  The program begins at 1:30 and lasts until 3:00 p.m. 

Topics covered in this program will include current developments in estate and gift tax law and how the new laws can impact you and your loved ones, basic estate planning principles and how to avoid probate, and the seven biggest mistakes in estate planning and how to avoid them.