Here are some more book reviews submitted by patrons enjoying the Dublin Library adult summer reading program.

Revolution : the year I fell in love and went to join the war by Deb Olin Unferth








“What to say besides trite.  If you are a teenager, have never travelled, or read any adventure stories, you might pick this up.  But while I like good biographies, this hardly counts.  It would be like me sending my teenager to “save the world”, with no language skills other than English.  Naive at best.

Would you recommend this book to somebody?  “No, don’t pick it up.”

Submitted by Anonymous

Easter Island by Carlos Mordo ; [translation: Graciela Smith]



“Ever since the gigantic sculpture appeared in the movie, “Night at the Museum”, I was fascinated by this art.  Only upon reading this book did I discover a) How large they actually are.  b) How long ago the island was inhabited.  c) How sculptures varied from point to point on the island.  d) The lengths the islanders went to survive.  If you really want to “get away”, then pick up and checkout this historical gem.”

Would you recommend this book to somebody? Most definitely

Submitted by Anonymous

Helmet for my pillow : from Parris Island to the Pacific, a young Marine’s stirring account of combat in World War II  by Robert Leckie

This extraordinary memoir of the WWII battles of Guadalcanal, New Britain, and Peleliu by the 1st Marines is made readable by the surprising flashes of laugh-out-loud humor while detailing the carnage of war.  Leckie was a newspaper man who went on to write many books.  This one was incorporated into the HBO mini-series “The Pacific“.  An excellent read.

Would you recommend this book to somebody? Yes

Submitted by Eileen


Thanks again for all our patrons who submitted all these wonderful reviews!