Alameda County Library members now have the ability to freeze requests (holds) for vacation or other extended time periods when they will not be able to visit the library.  This feature enables you to avoid paying fines on items you are unable to pick up for an extended time.

How to Freeze a Request (Hold) and Reactivate a Request 

To freeze a request (hold):      

  • Click on My Account and enter your name and barcode.
  • Click on the link to “Requests (holds).”
  • Check the box in the Freeze column for the hold (far right).
  • Click the “Update List” button.
  • Click “Yes” on the prompt screen to verify the request to freeze.
  •  Your account will refresh the display of requests. If the request satisfies the conditions allowing a freeze, the display will show the frozen request. If the request does not satisfy the conditions allowed to freeze, the display will show the following error message in the Freeze column:
  •  “This hold cannot be frozen”.
    • If freezing a hold is NOT allowed, you will see no checkbox available.
    • Reasons why a Freeze request may not be allowed:
    • In Transit
    • On Hold Shelf
    • Hold is next in line to be filled
    • This hold is too old (255 days)
    • Hold list has fewer than the number of available items

To reactivate a request (hold):

  • View your requests (holds)
  • Uncheck the box in the Freeze column for the request.
  • Click the “Update List” button.