It’s hard to believe, but this Dublin Library blog has been in existence for over 2 years now! In looking at our stats, it appears between 100 to 200+ people click in on any given day. I’m no blogging expert and don’t know if that is good, as far as library blogs go, or not. We had one day with over 800 views, that really amazes me. And certainly when I look at the total stats, I’m astounded that the blog has been accessed over 67,000 times. Wow.

So I am in a ruminative mood and wondering if it’s time to shake things up a bit. Re-design the blog? Switch to Facebook? It is very challenging to figure out how we can connect with you, our users, and give you a forum to talk back at us. Not sure that this blog achieves it, but it was a start. But maybe it’s time for a change. So here is the question of the day — help me out here and tell me how many of you would prefer we switch to Facebook or keep this blog or maybe do both!