Travel through California history with Calisphere’s newest feature: a set of interactive maps with hundreds of images from the past century, plotted at the locations they depict.  Calisphere called Local History Mapped.

This feature consists of five maps of California with approximately 350 images from Calisphere plotted on the locations they depict.  Users can browse the maps to find images, explore their neighborhoods, and learn about local history.  Each map is on a different theme—civic buildings, disasters, transportation, city scenes, and everyday life—and includes a short essay with selected images and a “teachers’ toolbox” with ideas and activities for K-12 educators.


All of the maps are available from the Calisphere homepage (, as you’ll notice a new space highlighting this in the “Collections for Educators” section.  Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can view a map at random with the URL