From the Earth to the Universe

If you love night sky watching, then you may already know that this is the time of year for the Leonid meteor showers.  This year they are expected to peak on November 17. In order to get into the spirit of meteor storms and all things astronomical, the Dublin Library is currently hosting an exhibit “From Earth to the Universe” until November 22.   The exhibit is sponsored by the NASA-Ames Research Center and was part of the 2009 celebration of the International Year of Astronomy.  These images showcase the spectacular advances of astronomical photography from a fleet of ground and space-based telescopes that allow views of the cosmos that Galileo could never have imagined. These images are an example of the wide range of objects in the Universe that include nebula, galaxy clusters, supernovas, the Milky Way, planets and stars. Each panel of the exhibit contains an image accompanied by a simple explanation.

The images are taken by both amateur and professional photographers and were selected for their stunning beauty and ability to engage public imagination in the science and understanding of modern astronomy.  All the images are in color.  In the visible light or optical images, the colors are approximately how you would see them if you were close enough and your eyes sensitive enough.

More information, including an additional array of stunning digital photographs is available on the website, From the Earth to the Universe .   By displaying these beautiful and imposing images, exhibit planners hope to expose new audiences to the wonder and beauty of the cosmos.  The Library has set up a display of materials for star gazers and amateur astronomers.  Look for the display “At Home in the Cosmos: Exploring Astronomy.”