July 2010

Many of the Dublin Library staff are reading mysteries featuring female sleuths as part of our “Female Sleuths” Adult Summer Reading Game.  (A bookmark with some suggested titles and a small display of  suggested books is currently on display right by the public access computers.)  Of course, many of us are reading other books as well.

Lynda of our Circulation staff  writes:  “Just started reading first of  The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series.  I’m hooked.  Also, recently finished Remarkable Creatures by Tracy Chevalier.  I didn’t realize until the end of the book that it was about real people!  Very interesting. ”

I myself have started reading The looting of America : how Wall Street’s game of fantasy finance destroyed our jobs, pensions, and prosperity : and what we can do about it  by Les Leopold. 

 The author writes about the history of the various mortgage-related securities and derivatives used by large investment concerns, and the creation of the current financial crisis.  I’d recommend this to anyone who wants to understand the origins of today’s crisis and to see how the crisis connects to the upward redistribution of income to the richest 1% of the population over the past three decades.

Using the LINK+ system, I recently read Colloquial Dutch 2 : the next step in language learning  by  Gerda Bodegom and Bruce Donaldson.  I often use LINK+ to read books of an academic nature not available through the Alameda County Library System directly.  If you haven’t yet used LINK+, you should familiarize yourself with it, and take advantage of this free service.

Yesterday from 12:30 to 2:30 pm we had 166 bookmark entries on display. Everyone who came into the library during that time was encouraged to look over the designs and vote for their favorites. There was quite a variety to choose from and voters were happy that they had six votes and not just one!

In the end the four designs with the most votes were chosen to become bookmarks. The chosen designs belong to these artists:

Srinath N.
a sixth grader at Windemere Ranch Middle School

Anna Z.
a fifth grader at Fredericksen School

Nathan K.
a fourth grader at John Green Elementary

Amuyla V.
a third grader at Dougherty Elementary

Honorable mentions included:
Sophia R. — 4th grade — St. Raymond
Cinyi M. — 8th grade — Fallon Middle
Rhea M. — 6th grade — Windemere Ranch
Ameen S. — 7th grade — Pine Valley
Yuvraj M. — 6th grade — Valley Christian
Aurelia R. — 4th grade — Dougherty
Dhyani P. — 8th grade — Hart Middle School
Dasha O. — 1st grade — Bollinger Canyon
Liron D. — 3rd grade — Dublin El
Justin A. — Kindergarten — Lydiksen
Kaarya S. — 6th grade — Wells
Aradh V. — Kindergarten — Dougherty

The Friends of the Dublin Library will have the designs professionally printed and the bookmarks will be available at the library during the weekend of the Fall Book Sale September 18 and 19.
Make sure to drop in to the book sale and thank the Friends for sponsoring this wonderful program!
All designs that were not selected as winners or honorable mentions may be picked up at the Children’s Desk.

New Book Alerts is a free online service that showcases the newest titles purchased by Alameda County Library. You can select to receive alerts via email  and/or RSS feeds  . If you see a new title that you are interested in, just click “borrow” to place a hold on the item right away.

You can select new titles by categories, including Comics & Graphic Novels; Mystery & Thrillers; Biographies & Memoirs; Business & Investing; Cooking, Food & Wine; Health, Mind & Body; Self-Help; Religion & Spirituality; and Audiobooks.  

New Book Alerts give the author, title, description of each book, a picture of the cover, and links to reviews.  If you are an avid reader or just looking for something new to read, you are sure to enjoy the New Book Alerts service.  

New Book Alerts is currently available through a link from the library home page .  It will soon be available through the Catalog start page and Reader’s Corner.