Knit One, Purl Two, Dublin’s Drop-In Knitting Circle, is celebrating its one year anniversary!  We have been meeting monthly in the Library Program Room since last June.  Our group includes between 10-20 knitters.  It is an opportunity to come together and be with others while enjoying the process of crafting.  Beginners can come and get a lesson on knitting basics.  Intermediate and advanced knitters can come and provide inspiration and encouragement to others.  This is a great environment to revive your interest in an abandoned or difficult project.  We even have a stash of donated yarns to choose from.  We encourage beginners to bring their own knitting needles (size 8 or 10).  If you are would like to join us, we will be meeting in the Library Program Room from 2:00-4:00 on the following Saturdays during 2010:   July 24; August 21; September 4; October 16; November 13 and December 11.  For more information you can contact Pam Blades at 925-803-7273 or