We are elated to showcase a whole new series of student artwork courtesy of Dublin Partners in Education (DPIE).  This local organization raises much needed funds for the schools by sponsoring an annual student art auction.  This year, with support from guest artists and teachers, students in Dublin schools once again submitted an amazing and colorful array of art.    DPIE received 175 submissions; twenty-six  pieces were selected as first prize winners representing every grade level.  These pieces went to local frame shops who framed the art in preparation for the auction.  Pieces that were selected for 2nd place were professionally matted and also auctioned off at the big event on May 22.   But that still leaves a whole lot of wonderful art worthy of display.  So, as one of the community members asked to participate as a judge, the library selected another 62 pieces for a library art collage to be displayed in the children’s area. In selecting the art, every grade level from kindergarten through adult is represented and every kind of subject from crocodiles to pencils!    The children’s area looks pretty fantastic with all this art posted, so do come by and admire the creativity of Dublin’s students.  And a special thanks to DPIE staff Amy Miller, Director Janet Lockhart and all the DPIE Board members who are so supportive of the library as an exhibit space for student art.