I often get good suggestions for films to watch and books to read from my co-workers.  Perhaps you’d like these as well.

Lynda Ferrill reports:  I recently watched “Pirate Radio” on DVD.  It was a cute movie but I especially liked some of the music from the late 60’s.            DVD Fiction PIRATE  

Donna Koppa reports:  I recently finished a book titled “Sniper One: On Scope and Under Siege with a Sniper Team in Iraq” by Dan Mills. While you can imagine that the subject is not lighthearted it is interesting to read about some of the happenings early in the Iraq war, 2004, from a different view point. The sniper team that Dan Mills was with is British and so it is from an English view point that you see the events. His sense of English humor keeps it an easy and informative book.            B MILLS,D

I myself have just read ”A People’s History of the American Revolution: How Common People Shaped the Fight for Independence” by Ray Raphael.  Unlike most scholars researching the American Revolution, California-based writer Ray Raphael, has concentrated on the lives of ordinary people. He cites original documents showing how citizens protested British abuses by refusing to consume tea and other British luxury items, how women supported the Revolution by spinning their own cloth and working the farms their husbands left behind when they went to war. Most American Indian tribes favored the British, while others, such as the Abenaki, were paid to fight alongside the rebels. Many slaves tried to gain their own independence via insurrections, and escape from their masters.                                                         973.3092 RAPHAEL