It’s Spring break and the kids are out of school for a week.  The homework center is closed this week after a really successful winter session.  Here is what Anne Reilly, Homework Center Coordinator, had to say:

“With 15 volunteers from Dublin, Pleasanton and San Ramon, 100 hours of homework help available and 348 student visits, we wrap up our winter 2010 trimester.  Our volunteers did a fantastic job helping with a variety of subjects, the top 3 requested subjects being math, science and language arts.  Volunteers have also helped students practice math facts, prepare for tests, and complete book reports.  We’ve even had volunteers work with students in other languages such as Spanish and Korean.  All of these showcase the amazing group of volunteers we are lucky to have here in the Homework Center.

Here’s what some of our volunteers have to say about their participation in the program.

“Helping students prepare for tests and having them come back and tell you how they did well, is just the best.”  Bhumika

“I enjoy meeting new people and working in an environment without distractions – no phone, computer or games.  I enjoy helping others complete their homework … and still having time to do my own.”  Kaushik

“Volunteering in the Homework Center has helped me be more patient and I like that I have really helped people.”  Karen

And what’s my own favorite thing about the Homework Center?  That would be hearing our favorite phrase – “Ah, now I get it!”


As we move into spring, the weather is warmer, we have daylight for longer, and sports are being practiced and played, so why come to the Homework Center during spring?

–          To keep your homework assignments on track

–          To prepare for tests

–          To complete your homework between 3:30 and 5:30 and have the rest of the evening free!

The Dublin Library Homework Help Program spring trimester begins on Monday April 12 and ends on Thursday May 27, 2010.  We will have 3 or 4 high school volunteers available each day to help students in grades 3-8 with daily homework assignments.  The volunteers work with the students, not giving the answers but helping students work out the answers for themselves.

We look forward to seeing you in the Homework Center after Spring Break.  Come along and check it out – let our volunteers help you with homework.”

 I’d also like to add a special “thank you” to the Friends of the Dublin Library who funded appreciation gift cards for the volunteers.