If you or your child needs to do a school report on any of the 50 states or 6 United States territories, then you should take a look at the latest addition to the Alameda County Library System database Collection, “A to Z the USA”  by World Trade Press.  Entries for individual states include sections on animals and plants, art and culture, climate and weather, crime statistics, demographics (including housing, social, and economic characteristics), economy, education, energy, the flag and seal, etc. 

Many of my colleagues have explored the maps section to find antique maps, beginning with California in 1849.  I liked the history section, which has a historical timeline of California from 25,000 BCE to 2003. 

Some fun facts I learned were that the state reptile is the desert tortoise, the Bear Flag California Republic flag we use today was not officially adopted as the official flag by the State Legislature until 1911,  and the unofficial state dish is fish tacos.

Come and explore this new, informative, and entertaining database!