Gale, part of Cengage Learning, has announced the launch of the AccessMyLibrary (AML) mobile application for the iPhone – making access to library research just a click away on a mobile phone or a standard computer or laptop.

AccessMyLibrary, a groundbreaking library advocacy program, is a major portal from the Internet to libraries, allowing Web searchers to find what they need by connecting them to their local library.  This service helps people find quality information while raising awareness about the rich resources available in their libraries.

Gale’s new application has been designed to help iPhone users find their local library and then access the vast array of information that the library available, using a Web-product to connect information seekers to trustworthy library information, as well as quick, authoritative answers. The iPhone application is free, and the content is paid for by the library being accessed.

Researchers can find thousands of magazines, journals and newspapers covering a wide variety of topics including:
• Health care – discover dependable facts
• Biographies – from history and today’s headlines
• Career choices – step-by-step information
• Literature – track a bestseller or write a term paper
• Science – Study current, credible research

The Gale iPhone application can be downloaded at the iTunes store.  AccessMyLibrary, Gale’s platform for library discovery, can also be accessed at any time from any computer through the internet at

Once you have connected to , you click on the “Find your local library” button in the upper right corner of the webpage, and on the following page you can search for a library by zip code or library name.  Currently, if you search under zip code 94568, you will not see an entry for Dublin Library, but we expect branches of the Alameda County Library System to be listed shortly after mid-February, 2010.