SSBB Tournament

You bet! That’s what the flurry of activity was all about in our Community Room on Saturday, 1/09/10 as the library hosted our 1st ever Wii Super Smash Brothers Brawl tournament.  Over 40 people attended with 32 ( mainly teen males aged 12-19 with 3 strong female contestants) participating in the tournament. 

SSBB Tournament Winners

Prizes, provided by our Friends of the Library, were awarded to the top 2 Brawlers.  First prize was a $50 Best Buy gift card and 2nd prize was a $25 gift card from iTunes.

2 Wiis were set up, both running Super Smash Brothers Brawl.  The large screen was reserved for tournament play with the 2nd set up for non tournament free play.

How exciting to see our Community Room filled with teens having fun and demonstrating their skills!  Stay tuned.  We hope to have more Brawl tournaments and other Wii events.  If you have any suggestion, drop me a line