The world is sometimes a hard place — we are bombarded every day with news that is often filled with violence, intolerance,  deprivation and alienation.  So this story, forwarded to us by one of our retired librarians, Jackie Beth, comes as a refreshing and inspiring example of the power of one person’s ability to impact their community.  Viva el biblioburrio is the story of one man, a teacher, in Columbia and his effort to bring  books and reading to the children in the very rural community of La Gloria in Colombia.   Watching this amazing man and his  committment to bring books on a burro to children who would otherwise not have any, makes me feel so grateful for what we have here in Dublin and in communities all across America.   It seems a fitting way to welcome the New Year with such an inspiring story!  For more information contact the filmmaker, Valentina Canavesio at