This Saturday, December 5, the Dublin Friends are offering a special, one day only,

Volunteer Judith Seilhymer working at the Spring booksale.

 holiday booksale in the Library Program Room.  It’s only for 3 hours from Noon to 3:00 p.m. and features a great selection of gently used, beautiful hardcover books, ideal for gift giving.  The selection includes children’s books, holiday books, gourmet cookbooks, photographic collections, games, dvds and more.  

As an extra treat, the Library’s monthly knitting group will also be on hand offering knitted items for sale.  All proceeds will be donated to the Friends.  

Next week, following the booksale, the Friends invite all the volunteers who have helped both with the September booksale and the holiday sale, for a special dessert buffet in their honor, at their December meeting, Wednesday evening, December 9th.  The meeting itself starts at 6:15; desserts will be served starting at 7:00 p.m.   Both staff and the Officers of the Friends want to specially thank all the volunteers who have made the booksales so successful.  The Fall booksale raised over $7,000 — the best one in several years!  This money funds so many wonderful programs at the Library including Dublin Reads, the Teen Advisory Group,  children’s programs and so much more.  We can’t thank  the volunteers enough for taking the time and energy to support the Library  and the community in this way. 

The Friends have had a great year  and can always use more people to get involved.   Check them out at