It was a truly a family affair last Sunday with many members of author Eva Rutland’s family joining us for a wonderful program.   40 people attended the program and reception for Eva; pictures of the event are to your right under the header “Alameda County Library photos.”   First to arrive that day was grandson John under orders to help with the technology.  He hooked up Ginger’s laptop and we got it working with the library’s LCD projector so that Ginger and her daughter Eva Fields could present a slide show on the family.  Next up we met Ginger’s twin Patty Jo who drove Eva in, followed by Ginger and her daughter, Eva Fields.  Last to arrive was Elsie and her husband.  The only sibling not in attendance was Billy who, we were told, was at his daughter’s high school play in Sacramento.

What a fabulous family!  We had such a good time.  A reprint edition of Eva’s book No Crystal Stair which is a novelization of her memoir, had just come in last week , so people were able to get signed copies.  One woman in the audience was originally from Atlanta and had attended Spelman College just as Eva had, and was so happy to meet Eva.  The slide show was  compelling; I was struck by the way Ginger integrated historical family pictures with text images of things like the wording in a real estate contract that prohibited selling to blacks, and other minorities, or the text from the 16th edition of the Encylopedia Britannica of the early 1900s, declaring the Negro race as an inferior race at a time when her ancestors, the first generation removed from slavery, were going to college and building their lives.

Eva herself was so charming and so humble really thanking us for having her. The Friends of the Library brought cake and punch and altogether we had a lovely time.

The pictures in the photostream on your left include one of Ginger and Eva when they appeared on Channel 30 as well as a couple of pictures from Kirk Waller’s storytelling program on October 10 (we raffled off  copies of Eva’s book and Kirk Waller’s book); click on any one of them to get to Dublin Library’s photo set in Flickr.

Thanks to everyone who came to the programs, participated and read the book — Dublin Reads gets better every year! And our heartfelt thanks to Eva and her family for sharing their story with us!