Ginger Rutland and her mother, author Eva Rutland appear on Channel 30 book discussion program "In a Word."

Ginger Rutland and her mother, author Eva Rutland, appear on Channel 30s' book discussion program "In a Word."

Dublin Reads was officially launched at the Day on the Glen, the weekend of Sept 19 & 20th and we are off to a great start.  We have lots of copies of the book out there in circulation, including “read and release” copies at Shannon Community Center, the Heritage Center and the Senior Center to make it more convenient for people to find copies.  “Read and release” copies do not have to be checked out with a library card; they are meant to be passed along to neighbors, friends, or co-workers to keep the book moving through the community.  Each book is labeled with a abbreviation “code” so if we come across it, we can tell where it’s been:  HC for heritage center, for example.

A couple of people have asked how to go about making a comment on the book at this blog; here is how to do it:  notice on the right side of the blog, close to the top, there is a heading labeled “Categories.” Underneath that, it says “select categories” with a drop down menu.  Open the menu by clicking on the tiny “down” arrow and select “Dublin Reads.”  This will bring up all the postings we have made about Dublin Reads; pick any posting you want, and notice that underneath the date on the left side is a link that says “leave a comment.”  Simply click on this and tell us what you think!

Take note, that Kathy Cordova, one of the hosts for the Channel 30 book discussion program, In a Word has her own blog called A Few More Words.  She has written a wonderful review of When We Were Colored, be sure and check it out.  She writes, “Eva Rutland is a hero—not just for her courage, good sense and elegance in speaking out and finding common ground in a time of racial divide and fear—but for giving us all an example of how powerful the written word can be. To make us understand, to make us feel, and bring us, as readers, into a world that we would have otherwise never known—leaving us the wiser and richer and, maybe even kinder for the experience.”

Special events for Dublin Reads start this week!  Saturday,  October 3 at 2:00 p.m. in the Library Program Room, filmmaker Leah Mahan will join us to view and discuss her award winning film Sweet Old Song.  This film was recommended to us by Bingo Schmingo’s Kathleen Rushing (who also plays in the band Extended Roots.) Kathleen said this is a wonderful film on love, aging, generational gaps, black history and music. 

Also coming soon — a community book discussion led by Dublin’s Mayor, Tim Sbranti.  Save the date, Tuesday, October 13, 7:00 p.m.!