Ever wonder about your family’s history?  How about searching for a home remedy for the common cold?  Maybe you want to know when to grow seasonal vegetables?  Or, you are just curious about learning a new language such as French, Spanish, or German?  One needs to look no further than our library website at www.aclibrary.org  as your window to the world.   These databases are easy to navigate, informative, and best of all, free to the public!  The following are just a sample of what’s available through the “ARTICLES AND DATABASES” section.







 “The library offers many thousands of dollars’ worth of online subscriptions at the click of a mouse. Articles can be e-mailed, printed or downloaded.” 






Here is an example of how to access the databases from our homepage.  Just type in www.aclibrary.org and you will be directed to the following:

articlesndatabases 4


 Here is an example of Alameda County Library’s ARTICLES and DATABASES page :





articlesndatabases 3


 ****Some of the ARTICLES AND DATABASES links on www.aclibrary.org will need an Alameda County library card number, or an e-card if trying to access the sites from outside the library****

Stay tuned in the future for reviews and news on specific databases.  Please feel free to leave a comment or question.