When I am thinking of something new to do with my spare time, I like to ask my co-workers about their hobbies.  Here are some of the responses I got, plus a book suggestion for each hobby!


Hector Villasenor writes:  One of the hobbies I enjoy doing is hiking.  Most of the time, you can find my two boys, wife, and myself on one of the many beautiful trails at Sunol Regional Park, Lake Chabot, Coyote Hills, and the Hayward-San Leandro Shoreline.  It doesn’t matter what the season is.  During the spring, one might see a fawn grazing on a hill, or a baby jack rabbit scurrying across a path.  During the winter at Sunol, it is truly magnificent to see and hear the water rushing down the Little Yosemite waterfall.





East Bay Trails:  Hiking Trails in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties by David Weintraub                             917.946 Weintraub


Dan Talioaga writes:  Years ago I was inspired by someone who turned their whole house in San Francisco into rooms full of teddy bears.  Thinking bears to be too easy, my wife and I started to collect stuffed pigs and pig-related items. That was 27 years ago. It’s only one bedroom full, but we’re currently at 365 pigs and/or pig related items in our collection.



The Ultimate Teddy Bear Book by Pauline Cockrill        688.724 Cockrill



Bill Moore reports that he has several hobbies in which he tries to maintain some proficiency.


Whittling – I use any kind of wood found, bought, picked, or given to make whatever comes to mind at the time of the actual whittling away of waste wood.  Some pieces I have had for more than thirty years awaiting the muse of woodcarvers to send the thought initiating the first shaving.



Ben Hunt’s Big Book of Whittling by W. Ben Hunt    736.4 Hunt


Flyfishing and fly tying – Almost a religion actually as I was taught by an old timer in Yosemite many years ago and the spirit reaches out occasionally and I’ve got to go.  I use only those feathers and furs I get from roadkill and hunter friends.  I don’t subscribe to fur mills sold by many stores.  I like to try manmade materials as nothing is killed in the process.  I also don’t keep anything caught but release it for its part in the great scheme is as important as mine.



Flyfishing :  First Cast to First Fish! by J. F. Petralia          799.23 Petralia



Restoration of old tools is a method of meditation for me.  Each has had its share of good or bad usage and mirrors the life of the owner.  I also like to make tools for woodcarving and use some discarded older tools for the making of special knives and chisels.



How to Use & Care for Woodworking Tools by Alan and Gill Bridgewater

684.08 Bridgewater